From the Matyáš camp ideally by train from Vrané nad Vltavou (the station is 10 min. walk from the Matyáš camp) it takes 30 minutes to the centre of Prague to the Main Railway Station and then on foot.

Or by bike directly from the Matyáš camp, along the beautiful straight cycle path A2 along the Vltava River directly to the Charles Bridge. No cars and with many refreshment options along the entire cycle path.

All information about trips and places that we list here, and you would like to visit, we will provide you directly in the camp Matyáš.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is surrounded by historical buildings, of which the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, the Týn Church, the Hussite Church of St. Michael stand out. St. Nicholas in the Old Town, the Kinských Palace, and the Stone Bell House. On the square there is a monument to Master Jan Hus and the Marian Column.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava River in Prague and the second oldest preserved bridge in the Czech Republic. After the Judith Bridge in Prague, the stone bridge in Písek and the bridge in Roudnice nad Labem, it is the fourth stone bridge structure in Bohemia.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the most important Czech castle (originally an early medieval fortified settlement) standing on a rocky promontory above the Vltava River in the centre of Prague, on the hill Opyš. Since the 9th century it has been the seat of Czech princes, later kings, and since 1918 it has been the seat of the President of the Republic.

Castles and chateaux in the vicinity of the Matyáš camp

Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn is originally a medieval royal castle, located in the cadastral area of Budňany in the eponymous town of Karlštejn in the Beroun district about thirteen kilometres east of Beroun and thirty kilometres southwest of the centre of Prague.

Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát is one of the oldest and most important medieval castles of Czech princes and kings. It is located at an altitude of 285–290 meters on a rocky promontory above the Rakovnický stream, a tributary of the Berounka River in the territory of the town of Křivoklát in the Rakovník District in the Central Bohemian Region.

Konopiště Castle

Konopiště is a historicist style chateau near the town of Benešov in the Central Bohemian Region, 40 km southeast of Prague. It lies about 2 km to the west of the centre of Benešov. Today it is known primarily as the main and last residence of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este.

Sports trips and swimming

Boating day on the Sázava River – rafting down the river or in a canoe

By train from Vrané nad Vltavou (the station is 10 min. walk from the Matyáš camp) to Čerčany and from there by boat about 12 km along the Sázava River to Týnec nad Sázavou. Then back by train to Vrané. The section of the river is quiet and suitable for families with children who are on the water for the first time. The train journey itself is also an experience. It runs through the famous Sázava railway line called Posázavský pacific. You can see, for example, the famous Pikovice needle, which is a unique rock formation and the track leads over the highest railway stone bridge in Central Europe called Žampach. Reservation of boats and more information and trips will be provided directly in the camp Matyáš.

Swimming at the Slapy Dam

Slapy is ideally reached by car from the Matyáš camp in approx. 30 minutes. Slapy Dam offers ideal conditions for swimming on hot summer days. Beautiful surroundings, picturesque landscapes, warm water, sandy beaches, and gradual entry into the water make the Slapy Dam the perfect place for swimming experiences for the whole family. Beaches near Měřín – grassy-sandy or gravel beach with gradual entry into the water. Campsite Stará Živohošť with a grassy area and a slightly sloping entrance to the water. Camp Nová Živohošť with boat and pedal boat rental. Kobylníky beach is without facilities, but freely accessible and you will not meet crowds of tourists.

Minigolf and Golf-football

By bike along the cycle path directly from Camp Matyáš in 30 minutes. Fun for the whole family. In the area of Marine in Modřany directly on the cycle path by the Vltava River. Suitable for families with children, friends, or colleagues. Spend your free time on minigolf. It is an unpretentious, but at the same time fun and often exciting game. All the necessary equipment will be lent to you in the area - both large and small visitors. Visitors can look forward to an 18-hole course containing both easy obstacles and holes with pitfalls. Everything is set in a modern natural stylization that evokes the impression of playing on a real golf course. You can test your skill and luck even after sunset because the individual tracks are artificially illuminated.

Tourist trips

Trip by 70-year-old paddle steamer Vltava

The Vltava steamboat stop is a 10-minute walk along the bank of the Vltava River to the nearest village of Skochovice. A unique experience during a cruise on the historic steamer Vltava, through the picturesque Vltava Valley through the Štěchovice Dam, after climbing the highest lock chamber in Central Europe, directly under the monumental wall of the Slapy Dam. Here, while waiting for the cruise back, you can have lunch in the excursion restaurant, or take a bath in the Slapy Dam.

Walking along the Svatojánské proudy trail

One of the most beautiful views of the Vltava River valley is from the Máj viewpoint. The trail leads to Štěchovice, where you can admire the technical uniqueness of that time, the listed Edvard Beneš Bridge. After that, you can take the bus back to Davle. There, on the way to the train stop, you will also cross an interesting iron pedestrian bridge, which starred in the famous American-Czech war film "The Battle of Remagen". Then just a few stops by train back to our camp in Vrané.

Sázava Pacific and Sázava Trail

You can go on a trip by train directly from Vrané nad Vltavou. The Sázava Pacific is a famous, 120-year-old railway line leading from Vrané nad Vltavou to Čerčany. From the train you can see, for example, the famous Pikovice needle. You have to get off the train at the Kamenný přívoz stop, where the Sázava Trail begins. The trail leads above the steep slopes of the Sázava River, through renowned tramp settlements. On the way, you can stop at breath-taking lookouts such as Žampašské or Raisovy. The trail leads to the famous tramp settlement of Pikovice, where the Petrov train stop near Prague, and where you can take the train back to Vrané nad Vltavou.

Zvolská Homole

Walk directly from the camp Matyáš. The trail starts in Vrané nad Vltavou. 10 minutes’ walk from the campsite. 1/2-day trip. The rocky Homole hill with the Zvolská Homole nature reserve forms the right bank of the Vltava River in the territory of Zvole nad Vraným nad Vltavou, it is part of the Central Bohemia Nature Park. It takes its name from the nearby village of Zvole and from the shape of the rock towering above the surface of the Vltava River. From the rock that protrudes above the Vltava River, there is a great view of both Vrané and the southernmost part of Prague.

Big and Little America

From the camp Matyáš by car in 40 minutes. Velká Amerika and Malá Amerika are limestone quarries in the municipality of Mořina in the Beroun district of the Czech Karst PLA. Great America is the largest of the group of local quarries. The size of the quarry is about 750×150 meters. The depth of the quarry is given in the range of 67 to 80 m. The quarry creates an impressive canyon and is a popular tourist spot. Czech films were shot here, e.g., Journey to the Southwest (1989), Lemonade Joe, The Little Mermaid, Micimutr and others.


Museum of Military Technology in Lešany

About 30 minutes by car from our camp Matyáš. On the large area of the former military complex, a huge amount of various military equipment and technology, not only of our army, but also foreign, especially American, and Russian, is exhibited in many pavilions and outdoor exhibitions. The expositions in the individual pavilions are chronologically divided based on historical events and decades. Coherent, comprehensible, and informative. The exhibits on display are in perfect condition with an exhaustive amount of information.

National Museum

By train from Vrané nad Vltavou to the Main Railway Station in Prague in 30 minutes and then 10 minutes on foot. The National Museum is the most important Czech museum institution. It was founded in 1818 as the Patriotic Museum. The museum fulfils a collecting, scientific, educational, and methodological function, focusing on several scientific and collection disciplines, both natural sciences (mineralogy, zoology) and historical (archaeology, numismatics) and artistic. He manages and exhibits his collections in several buildings in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Since 1891, the National Museum has been housed in a monumental Neo-Renaissance historical main building in the upper part of Wenceslas Square in Prague. The National Museum also includes several other exhibitions in museums and memorials, especially in Prague, but also in other places in the Czech Republic.

National Technical Museum

Ideally by car from the camp Matyáš about 35 minutes. The National Technical Museum in Prague is the largest Czech institution specializing in museum collections of a technical nature. The museum was founded on July 5, 1908, as the Technical Museum of the Kingdom of Bohemia. At present, it presents its collections in 21 expositions and manages 76,000 collection items in several short-term exhibitions in the Letná building, which document the development of science and technology in the Czech lands and are kept in several depositories.

Trips to ZOOs

Hike to the first and largest Celtic oppidum in Bohemia

Závistské oppidum lay on the hill hradiště above the former confluence of the Vltava and Berounka near Zbraslav. Hradiště Hill is located south of Prague, on the right side of the Vltava River opposite Zbraslav and west of the village of Lhota near the village of Dolní Břežany. With its altitude of 391 meters, the hill is the highest point and a landscape dominant visible e.g., from Prague's Letná. Later, the oppidum spread through the deeply cut Břežany valley to the opposite hill Šance. The height difference between the river level and the top part of the oppidum is up to 200 meters.

Prague Zoo

By car from the camp Matyáš in 35 minutes. Unique experience. Day trip. Prague Zoo was declared the 7th most beautiful and complete zoo in the world.

Contact ZOO Zvole

Just a 10-minute drive from the Matyáš campsite. This is a private zoo in the village of Zvole. Need to book in advance, you will not get there without a reservation. Breeders are dedicated to you all the time. He tells about each animal, if you have questions, he will be happy to answer them. Entry is 500, - CZK per person. You can see e.g., emu, porcupine, ponies, Chinese pigs, cougars, lion, leopard, snakes, crocodile, and others. You can feed and caress the animals. Not always has, but every animal is in the mood, so it may happen that they will not let you to one.

Amusement parks

Park Mirákulum

A country full of games, fun, trees, animals, and children's fantasy can be found in Milovice nad Labem. Amusement Park with themed zones including a petting zoo, maze, water park and trampolines.

Aquapalace Praha

Only 25 minutes by car from Camping Matyáš. The unique Water World with an area of 9,150 m2 is the largest water park in Central Europe. It consists of three palaces, in which everyone will find something for themselves. The extensive Sauna World consists of a complex of fourteen types of saunas and heating rooms. The sauna world is divided into Finnish saunas, Roman baths, and outdoor saunas. Luxury SPA & Wellness Canter designed for lovers of relaxation, regular massages, or facial treatments. You will be under the care of highly trained staff.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

Only 40 minutes by car from Camping Matyáš. Day trip. Animals from all over the world live in the farm park. You will see camels, kangaroos, ostriches, buffaloes, llamas, pigs, alpine cows and almost 250 other animals walking around you. You will be under the care of highly trained staff.

Adrenaline sports

Karts Radotín

From the camp Matyáš approx. 15 minutes by car. The longest karting track in Europe with a length of 1,300 m. Outdoor and indoor track. Separate children's track. Restaurant.


Directly at the Matyáš camp in the neighbouring Lávka area. So, this cool thing is for all the guys who wished to have supernatural abilities as little boys. With the help of a flyboard you will be able to climb up to 10 meters high, that's a decent height! Do you wonder how this is possible? A flyboard is a special water hovercraft powered by a scooter that drives water into a hose. You just need to stretch the instep, strengthen the body, and let yourself be squeezed into the air. It may sound a little complicated, but this adrenaline can be handled by anyone who is not afraid. Of course, there is also an experienced instructor who will not let you down and explain everything to you perfectly. Experience the feeling of weightlessness that you will dream of for a long time to come!

In bad weather

Toboga park Zličín near Prague

From the campsite 20 minutes by car. In the unique magical world of Toboga Fantasy, children have the MAIN WORD. Playing, rampage, climbing, jumping, screaming – simply fun! Children can have fun on a mega-slide, water slides, trampolines, climbing wall, climbing volcano, in the adrenaline park, fun shoot arena, in the spider tower or on a huge inflatable crocodile. For the youngest visitors there is a corner for toddlers.

Fun Park Giraffe

Fun Park Giraffe boasts more than 90 attractions for children and adults. 90+ attractions. 9D Cinema. 8000m2 of entertainment. Outdoor playground. 3 Restaurant. 10% discount when buying online. Huge climbing frame. Playground. Equipment: Autodrom, Carousel, Inflatable slide, Train.

Camp Matyáš is in a picturesque landscape on the shore of the Vrané nad Vltavou dam not far from Prague.

Accommodation in the camp is possible in bungalows, own tent, caravan, or motorhome. In the area of the camp there is a restaurant with home cooking.

Wi-Fi in the whole area of Camp Matyáš free of charge.

Camp Matyáš

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