Camp Matyáš: Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the camp foundation

Exactly 30 years ago, Karel Matyáš got the amazing and bold idea to build a camp in Vrané nad Vltavou. I don’t know if at that time he knew what kind of magical place he would build on a green field at that time, so that for three decades it would attract amazing people like a magnetic mountain, who repeatedly return to Camp Matyáš and became our good friends, but also those who discovered our camp only recently.

I am convinced that he knew this, otherwise he would not have embarked on this venture with such vigour and determination. I am also sure that this perhaps modest place compared to other campsites but having a certain genius loci for many of our guests, which repeatedly draws them to our camp, would not have built on its own without the contribution of the family.

photo: Karel and Hana Matyáš

For our family, Camp Matyáš has become a lifestyle, we live here, we rejoice with our friends, we enjoy every meeting with new people who come to us.

We have the amazing privilege of life to meet and know the lives of people not only from Modřany or Braník, or from Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Děčín or Pilsen, or even from Munich, Brussels, or from Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, actually from all over Europe, but also from California or New Zealand. There we have our friends everywhere, who like to come back to us, despite the terrible road from Vrané to us in Kemp, to the real end of the world, which there is no doubt that Vrané nad Vltavou is.

And we are happy and proud, and we value this wealth very much.

And I know that Karel Matyáš knew that in 1992, or he certainly wanted it and it was his goal. And I am also sure that Karel Matyáš would not have made this decision without his wonderful wife Hana, who has always been his great support, especially in very difficult and uncertain times.

We look forward to every new season

We love the feeling when the first guests come to Camp Matyáš after a long winter, and then more and more. We are happy that for many of you Camp Matyáš has become a place where you like to return from a great distance. It is a value for our family that can hardly be balanced in today’s material world. It’s a great feeling.

We appreciate you. We have been with you for 30 years.

All of us from the Matyáš camp.

Camp Matyáš is in a picturesque landscape on the shore of the Vrané nad Vltavou dam not far from Prague.

Accommodation in the camp is possible in bungalows, own tent, caravan, or motorhome. In the area of the camp there is a restaurant with home cooking.

Wi-Fi in the whole area of Camp Matyáš free of charge.

Camp Matyáš

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